SummerFest 2018

SummerFest 2018 - Off the Hook Arts

Off the Hook Arts Festival: Summerfest 2018 presents

In collaboration with CSU Atmospheric Sciences
and City of Fort Collins Climate Change Initiative

MISSION EARTH, the special focus of our 2018 SummerFest, brings together music, visual arts, and science in a summer of concerts, lectures, films, art exhibitions, and educational events for all ages.

Mission Earth is dedicated to the life and work of the late Dr. Piers Sellers, astronaut and scientist.

At the heart of the festival is a multimedia project called I Saw How Fragile and Infinitely Precious the World Is, featuring video, animation, music, and sounds from space and planet earth, created by artist Kate Doyle with composer Bruce Adolphe and special effects wizard Eric Robertson of Mr. X Gotham. The title is taken from the words of Dr. Piers Sellers, spoken as he spacewalked on the International Space Station, 200 miles above the Earth.

I Saw how fragile and infinitely precious the world is will be shown for the first time anywhere, including a live performance of the music, at Off the Hook Arts Festival in June 2018.

Piers Sellers NASA astronaut

Piers Sellers

Dr. Piers J. Sellers was an astronaut, pilot, director of Earth Sciences at NASA
Goddard, deputy Director for Science and Exploration there, a brilliant and
innovative climate scientist. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late 2015, he
chose to spend the last year of his life vigorously promoting awareness of the
changes to come, and of what solutions might look like.

His optimism and heroic commitment, despite his increasing physical challenges
and pain, inspired artist Kate Doyle to initiate a collaborative project melding arts
and science to raise consciousness on climate change and to promote solutions
through a global conversation.



Joining Off the Hook Arts for Mission Earth are Dr. Piers Sellers’ Climate Science Team from Goddard Space Center including David Randall of Colorado State University, and CSU colleagues Scott Denning and Sonia Kreidenweis.

Off the Hook summer 2018 features world-class musicians:

Theodora Hanslowe Metropolitan Opera Soprano

Theodora Hanslowe

Michael Brown, piano
Jay Campbell, cello
Nicholas Canellakis, cello
Theodora Hanslowe, mezzo-soprano, Metropolitan Opera
Curtis Macomber, violin
Deborah Marshall, clarinet
Miami String Quartet
Benny Kim, violin
Cathy Meng Robinson, violin
Scott Lee, viola
Keith Robinson, cello
Sophie Shao, cello
Marija Stroke, piano
Cordelia Tapping, jazz vocalist
Triptych Jazz Trio

and Mike Block with Sandeep Das for a special fundraiser concert!


Other involved CSU faculty include:
John Pippen, Ethnomusicology
Sue Ellen Campbell, English and Humanities
John Campbell, English and Humanities
Brian Jones, Physics and Little Shop of Horrors
Michelle Bestill, Political Sciences
Patrick Fahey, Visual Art